What do you get for your $95 adoption fee?

Here are some typical first year veterinary expenses:

FeLV test for Leukemia (under 4 months)   33.00
FeLV/FIV test for Leukemia/FIV (over 4 months)   43.00
Spay (female)   100.00
Neuter (male)   60.00
Drontal (deworming)   6.00
Strongid (deworming)   6.00


FVRCP (Distemper, upper respiratory) #1, #2   each 38.00
FeLV (Leukemia) #1, #2   each 23.00
Rabies (over 4 months of age)   19.00

Total medical expenses:

Male   256.00
Female   296.00

The amounts for service may vary slightly among veterinarians. Please check with your veterinarian for applicable prices.When you adopt a cat or kitten from Snowflake Animal Rescue, your pet will have recieved tests and vaccinations as appropriate for his or her age, deworming, and will have been spayed or neutered.

You might still need to get the second Distemper or Leukemia vaccination from your veterinarian, as well as the Rabies vaccination when you are adopting a young kitten. However, as you can see, the cost of adopting from Snowflake Animal Rescue is much less than the cost of getting a “free” kitten and paying for all the necessary veterinary care.

We are able to keep our adoption fees “below cost” because we are an all volunteer organization and we work very hard to at fund raising to make up the difference. (So please support our bake sales, buy our cookbooks, Christmas cards, and all our other, hopefully creative, means of helping us care for these very loving and lovable animals!).